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15th Heritage Film Festival

Largo, Maryland, 2020

Am 21.11.2020 läuft mein Kurzfilm Blink of Neon Eyes auf dem 15th Heritage Film Festival.

Saturday, 21 November 2020, 7 pm

”Blink of Neon Eyes” (Patrick Müller) 3:06
When neon signs become larger than life, only blinking helps. A surreal night in Las Vegas.

”The Contest” (Meklit Tsegaye) 7:59
A witch disguises herself as a man to enter a contest controlled by a domineering man.

”Backbeat” (Martin Blank) 3:51
A couple struggles with their differences as they travel though life's rites of passage.

”For the Goblins” (Hypnus Yao) 15:55
A college student is kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party.

”Portrait of the Family as a Definition” (Adriane Little) 12:57
Inspired by Karen McCadden’s poem of the same name, this video explores loss, family, addiction, trauma, and that which otherwise haunts.

”Call Me” (Gleb Bubnov, Gulshan Salamli, Lana Pyshna) 5:56
A young woman who was betrayed and disappointed in life, locks herself in her apartment until she gets a call from a “No Caller ID” number and her life completely changes.

”Anna” (Dekel Berenson) 14:59
An aging single mother in war-torn Eastern Ukraine is desperate for a change. Anna is also a Cannes Official Selection from England.

”Memories” (James Austen) 8:19
A young man visits his aunt in the hospital to find closure for wrongs done in the past.

”Re-flex-ions n. pl. Variant of reflection” (Tony Buba, Mary Carey) 3:12
A charming mirror image of the directors' community, Braddock, PA.

”From Shanghai to Harlem’ (Sylvia Wong Lewis) 5:16
A Harlem born and Brooklyn raised woman explores her Black and Chinese, Southern and Caribbean family's (im)migration story.

”The Curator” (Hakim Woods) 12:50
A routine visit with the Curator reveals the future in the Blue Black Bottom Art World.

”Nice to Be You” (Dino Koutsandreas) 6:10
A high school student turned local celebrity makes his way to an unknown destination.

”They Say I'm Your Teacher” (Lucy Massie Phenix, Catherine Murphy) 9:02
This insightful documentary shows how teaching people to read and write helped to set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

”Food Medicine” (Lani Cupchoy) 3:28
A mother and daughter use home garden methods to grow healthy produce that they share with family, friends, and neighbors.