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“With his silent visual reflections on literature, Patrick Müller has created his very own cinematic cosmos.”
Clemens Williges, Filmfest Braunschweig

“[Patrick Müller's] adaptation of a contradiction-filled poem by Marco Kerler offers a kaleidoscopic, Kodak-captured view of the world that becomes hypnotic in its own way.”
Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com


10.12.2021 13th Shockfest Film Festival
03.12.2021 39e Festival Tous courts
21.11.2021 Nature & Culture – Poetry Film Festival
29.10.2021 Engauge Experimental Film Festival
16.10.2021 101 PALMAS @ Filmmuseum Potsdam
01.10.2021 Festival international Signes de Nuit, Paris
21.09.2021 Filmfestival Münster
08.09.2021 Newark IFF
28.08.2021 101 PALMAS and BLINK OF NEON EYES @ analogueNOW! PhotoWeekend 21 festival


Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival in Copenhagen, introduces Patrick Müller, director of award-winning film Spellbound, a melancholic and hypnotic combination of visual imagery and poetry. In: Red Transmissions Podcast. 30 min. 08.11.2021

Traumstadt Gazette „Interview“: Björn Candidus im Gespräch mit Filmemacher Patrick Müller. In: Antenne Traumstadt. 134 Minuten. 25.08.2021


Antenne Traumstadt: Reise in die Nacht des Grauens. In: Antenne Traumstadt. 173 Minuten. 31.10.2021


2021 Best Horror Short: SPELLBOUND, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
2021 Honorable Mention: THE GARDEN, Deep Focus Film Festival, New York
2020 Special Mention: THE GARDEN, 38e Festival Tous Courts
2020 Best International Experimental: BLINK OF NEON EYES, 12th Festival Angaelica
2020 Best Experimental Short Film: THE GARDEN, Caligari. Festival de Cine de Terror
2017 Special Mention: THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE, Signes de Nuit Film Festival
2017 Best Experimental Award: THIS IS WHAT YOU SHALL DO, Great Lakes Film Festival