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Get ready for the amazing 29th Artifact Small Format Film Festival in Calgary, Canada!
April 4-6th 2024
Artifact is one of my favorite festivals and over the years it has shown many of my films. I am very proud that they have chosen my film ANCIENT LORE.

Many thanks to lead programmer Katie Wackett.

Special thanks to Carlos Ebelhäuser (music), Bernhard Plank (Voice) and Bjoern Candidus (Poster Art)

The Artifact Small Format Film Festival (formerly the $100 Film Festival) is Calgary’s only celluloid-based film festival. When the $100 Film Festival was born in 1992, it showcased eight short films on Super 8. The name sprung from the challenge to shoot a short film on four rolls of Super 8 – which tallied to the cost of $100. In following years, the festival dropped the budgetary limit and allowed 16mm film, which shifted the focus from low budget to quality small-format films. Thus, the name was changed to the Artifact Small Format Film Festival in 2017 so as to better represent the festival’s role as an international celebration of creative story telling on film.
Over the years, Artifact has expanded to include the popular Film/Music Explosion! commission projects, and various partnerships.
Artifact is one of only a handful of festivals worldwide that exhibit on small-format film. We are proud to be among the select few that continue to keep this unique medium alive, and to draw celluloid lovers to Calgary each year.

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