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“[Patrick Müller's] adaptation of a contradiction-filled poem by Marco Kerler offers a kaleidoscopic, Kodak-captured view of the world that becomes hypnotic in its own way.” Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com on ACTUALLY, THIS IS NOT A FILM

“With his silent visual reflections on literature, Patrick Müller has created his very own cinematic cosmos.” Clemens Williges, Filmfest Braunschweig

„Patrick Müller ist einer der wenigen Filmemacher, die noch ziemlich stark und eindeutig mit dem Bild arbeiten.“ Björn Last, Heinz, das Kurzfilmmagazin

May 6–9th, 2020 THE GARDEN @ 13th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
April 2–4th, 2020 THE GARDEN @ 28th Annual Artifact Small Format Film Festival
28.03.2020 BLINK OF NEON EYES @ 26th Twin Rivers Media Festival
21.03.2020 BLINK OF NEON EYES @ 21. Dresdner Schmalfilmtage
29.02.2020 THE GARDEN @ 10th MystiCon Independent Film Festival
23.02.2020 THE GARDEN @ 32nd United States Super 8 Film + Digital Video Festival
24.01.2020 THE GARDEN @ 15th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival
24.11.2019 Filmkonzert WELLENVORM + PATRICK MÜLLER @ 33. Internationales Filmfestival Braunschweig

Special Mention: THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE, Signes de Nuit International Film Festival, Paris, 2017
Best Experimental Award: THIS IS WHAT YOU SHALL DO, Great Lakes International Film Festival, 2017