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My film INTO THE REALM OF THE NIGHT will be playing at the 28th Annual Brainwash Drive-in/Bike-in/Walk-in Movie Festival in Doyle, California, Fri., Aug. 26th, 2022! http://www.brainwashm.com
A rarefied and unique event: A drive-in movie festival high in the eastern California Sierra Mountains! Screening the weird, unusual and significantly great (but, probably, unheralded) movies of the world for the past 27 years. Nothin' like it!


The New Nimby Project
434-860 Doyle Loop
Doyle, California 96109
(Across from the Buck Inn)

Fri., Aug. 26th, 2022
Lemon Lime – Mara Ramirez
Scape Learning – Atobe Hiroshi
The Sprayer – Farnoosh Abedi
This Could Be – Eddy Falconer
Into the Realm of the Night – Patrick Muller
Apres Decembre – Francois Pirotte
If Any – Adam E. Stone
For the Clean Up – Mohammad Moravej
Candied Lips – Hina Effie Ogino
Yurei – Lindsay Sunada
It’s Just Balloons – Brian Zahm

Sat., Aug. 27th, 2022
Almost a Masterpiece – Bob Belinoff
Front Window – Javid Farahani
Mister D – Gary Beeber
Elwood – Liam Wurtz
The Thrill – Gordy De St. Jeor
Days Counted – Chandler Gibson
Free Your Mind – Kevin Manh
Cat Clay Chaos – Emmett Fifield

Sun., Aug. 28th, 2022
Stair Stare – John Akre
Closed World and Its’ Friend – Nuhae Lee
IXION#2 “The EyeCandyTM” – Joey Bargsten
Cold Brew – David Kennedy
Undeniably Young: Nora Young & the Six-Day Race – Julia Morgan
A Biker’s Dream – Ken Glaser

Judges: Kamala, Dave & Mark

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