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26th Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival

Doyle, Kalifornien, 2020

Am 10.11.2020 läuft mein Kurzfilm Blink of Neon Eyes im internationalen Wettbewerb auf dem 26th Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival.


The 2020 Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival!

Hey, people, let’s make better an epic pandemic, lock downs, and lack of any really safe occupation outside of those working at home. Brainwash Movies will have shows online this season , after our safe, socially distanced Drive-In in historic Doyle, CA, 40 miles north of Reno, NV, off U.S. 395.

Free Admission to the Festival Event.

All shows start 5:30pm, PST.

Friday, Nov. 6th
(Naughty Night)

tx-reverse – Virgil Widrich
License & Registration – Jackson Ezinga
Conflict Resolution Webinar – Eli Rarey
Frank, Earnest with Mercy – Jarrod Dean
Shelby Toland’s Fear – M. D. Kuczajda
Sad Orangutans Rob a Bank – Grant Raun
Lairs – Emma Penaz Eisner
Washed – Michael Bartolomeo
GREAT AGAIN! – Gary Beeber
Lawyer Lady – Katarzyna Kochany
Brainwash – Elizabeth Sher
The Hands – Shayan Naghibi
Dick Pics! (A Documentary) – Russell Sheaffer
Astral Bravura – Ryan Suits

Tuesday, Nov. 10th
(Nice Night)

Blink of Neon Eyes – Patrick Müller
Swimming Upstream – Caren Messing
Hi-Wheel – Joe Hoster
The Asphalt Playground – Peter VanOosting
The Hole in the Sky – John Akre
Red Elf – Alfred Hernandez
Derek and His Brick – Lee White
Vienna Table Trip – Virgil Widrich
Lilly Goes to the Dogs – Bum Family
Fragments – Mark Neeley
My Birthday – Shayan Naghibi
In These Times – Eric Maierson & Leandro Badalotti
BOOKANIMA: Dance – Shon Kim
Fanny Boop – David Andrews
Tragic Magic – Geoffrey Clark

Wednesday, Nov. 11th
(Nostalgia Night)

Not an Orphan – Dexter Marsh-Taylor
An Apparition – Nagaraju
Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at Its Lowest & Best –
Nick Nummerdor
PAUSE – Charly Wenzel