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On the 7th of July my short film Into the Realm of the Night was official selected for the 15th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and shown in the section MUSIC VIDEOS.

FEEL NO WAY (Music Video) TRT 3:50 min. Director: Mathew Melchionne.
THE ZABAR SHUFFLE (Music Video) TRT 3:39 min. Director/Writer: Aaron Weinstein.
DICITENCELLO BOOGIE (Music Video) TRT 5:49 min. Director/Writer: Ari Takahashi.
ABC'S OF PHILLY (Music Video) TRT 4:07 min. Director: TG Gainey.
INTO THE REALM OF THE NIGHT (Music Video) TRT 5:40 min. Director/Writer: Patrick
ZOMBIFIED (Music Video) TRT 3:58 min. Director/Writer: Jensen Noen.
JEETE RAHO (Music Video) TRT 3:29 min. Director: Kathleen Sheehan.
LYES KEEN - HALO (Music Video) 3:34 min. Director/Writer: Joshua Nicholas Perrin.
MA1NFRAME (Music Video) 5:12 min. Director: Qieer Wang.
EVOLVE (Music Video) 4:28 min. Director: Ryan Jervon Sellers.
THE MELTING OF THE SUN (Music Video) TRT 4:21 min. Director: Bill Benz, Annie Clark,
Chris McDonnell.
THE HIGH WIRE (Music Video) TRT 5:06 min. Director/Writer: Lindsey Copeland.
ARE YOU HEARING ME? (Music Video) 5:38 min.