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My film L’HIVER DE L’ÉTERNITÉ (The Winter of Eternity) will be shown at Cinema Nahual located in Xalapa Veracruz this Friday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m.

Address:José Azueta #14, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Line up:

1.- Marcelo Quiñones Altamirano - Efecto Kuleshov, Mexico, 2:35
2.- Marisa Benito Crespo - Everyone is dead, Spain. 7:00
3.- Patrick Müller - The Winter of Eternity, 8:10 min.
4.- Ana Sol Alonso, Teresita Cherry - Excelentísima señora, 4:10 min.
5.- Fenia Kotsopoulou - 50.000 TOUCHES, Greece, 13:07 min.
6.- Michel Pavlou - there is no reverse metamorphosis, Norway, 3:00 min.
7.- Ian Gibbins - SPACE INVADERS, Australia, 4:56 min.
Kent Tate - ARK, Canada, 4:04 min.
9.- Diek Grobler - Last Word, South Africa, 10:00 min.
10.- Juan Antonio Moreno Mateos, Yuriko Hiray Montes - The Third Partner, Mexico, 10:29 min.
11.- Emerson Eduardo Silva, Gabriela Nassar, Gustavo Sibem, Henrique Grise - Ambulantes, Brazil, 3:30 min. 

Program 1: Cosmos

Cosmos is a program that brings together documentary, animation, experimental and essay films in a single proposal. The intention is to propose a horizon of audiovisual diversity for the spectator and to transit in diverse universes. The themes are varied and do not necessarily correspond to a traditional narrative, so the avant-garde and artistic innovation are part of the spirit of this incredible compilation. 16mm, super 8, digital, animación

Thanks to the Valérie Hendrich for the voice-over narration and to Ensemble C for their original music.

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