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Film by Patrick Müller based on a poem by Andreas Gryphius

DE: Betrachtung der Zeit: Andreas Gryphius (1616–1646) über die Wertschätzung des Momentes und Carpe Diem. Ein Bewegbild für alle, die ich dieses Jahr verloren habe, einschließlich dieser Wiese, die kurz nach den Dreharbeiten einer Fabrik weichen musste.

EN: Meditation On Time: Andreas Gryphius (1616–1646) on the importance of the moment and Carpe diem. A moving picture for all that I have lost this year, including this beautiful meadow, that was destroyed shortly after the film recordings to give place to a factory.

Deutschland, 2014, 16mm, 2 min., Text: Andreas Gryphius, Kamera: Krasnogorsk 3, Film: Kodak Vision2 100T, Kamera and Negativ-Selbstentwicklung (C-41): Patrick Müller und Ronny Klietsch, HD-Telecine: Ochoypico, Madrid.



Digital film file (HD), DCP, 16mm (18m)


24.4.2015 Zwickauer Literaturfrühling


Room to Dream. Interview. In: Super 8 Blog, 02.02.2016.


Super 8 Blog, Room to Dream, 02.02.2016: “At the last line, the frame fills with bright yellow – the film is fogged, a side effect of the hand processing – then, when the fogged frames pass, the image is only partially restored: the last several feet are underdeveloped; blackness obscures the edge of the image before enveloping the entire frame. These inconsistencies in the development enforce the sentiment of the verse. The image, like the moment, is lost. Had this conceit been attempted digitally, it would have seemed contrived.”
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