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Film by Patrick Müller

EN: Into the Realm of the Night: The transition from day to night. It magically casts a spell over us, we glide into it like water and enjoy it: despite all its dangers, it is the night we love.

DE: Ins Reich der Nacht: Der Übergang von Tag zu Nacht. Magisch zieht sie uns in ihren Bann, wie Wasser gleiten wir hinüber und genießen es: trotz aller Gefahren, ist es die Nacht, die wir lieben.

FR: Au royaume de la nuit: Le passage du jour à la nuit, qui nous jette un sort. On y glisse comme dans l’eau et on aime ça : en dépit de tous ses dangers, c’est la nuit que l’on aime.

ES: En el reino de la noche: La transición del día a la noche. Nos hechiza mágicamente, nos deslizamos en ella como el agua y la disfrutamos: a pesar de todos sus peligros: es la noche que amamos.

BRA: No Reino da Noite: A transição do dia para a noite. Ela magicamente nos enfeitiça, deslizamos nela como água e a desfrutamos: apesar de todos os seus perigos: é a noite que amamos.

ITA: Nel regno della notte: Il passaggio dal giorno alla notte. Ci lancia magicamente un incantesimo, ci scivoliamo dentro come acqua e ne godiamo: nonostante tutti i suoi pericoli: è la notte che amiamo.

Germany, 2022, regular 8mm, 5:40 Min.
Camera: Bauer 88F
Film stock: Fomapan R100
4K Transfer: Ochoypico, Madrid
Film processing: Andec Filmtechnik
Shot on location in Copenhagen, Denmark

Music: Uwe Rottluff



Digital film file (HD), 4K DCP, 16mm optical print (62m) without or with German subtitles


I have shot this experimental short film with my 65 years old regular 8mm old Bauer camera in Copenhagen, November 2021, when I was invited to a film festival. In a short break of the ongoing pandemic, the old amusement park reopened, which was a magical moment to me and I tried to capture the surreal atmosphere with my camera. All of the double exposures were done in-camera. Chemnitz-based musician Uwe Rottluff has created unique music with a Moog modular system.


21.12.2023 14th Festival Angælica
24.09.2023 21. Filmfestival Münster
29.07.2023 16th the8fest, Toronto, Canada
20.04.2023 UnderGround International Film Festival, India
31.03.2023 33rd Onion City Experimental Film Festival
05.12.2022 Indiecinema Film Festival, Rome
04.12.2022 43. Europäisches Filmfestival Göttingen
20.11.2022 2nd Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival
06.11.2022 21. FILMZ: Festival des deutschen Films
04.11.2022 Engauge Experimental Film Festival
15.11.2022 18th Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Argentina
02.11.2022 Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz
9./12.10.2022 22e Festival européen du court-métrage de Nice, Un Festival C’est Trop Court, France
24.09.2022 8th DOBRA – Festival Int'l de Cinema Experimental
16.09.2022 Celluloid Now @ Chicago Film Society
04.09.2022 MegaFlix Film Awards
26.08.2022 28th Annual Brainwash Drive-in/Bike-in/Walk-in Movie Festival
09.07.2022 23. Dresdner Schmalfilmtage
22.06.2022 1º Pan-Cinema Experimental – Festival Internacional de Curitiba
09.06.2022 6th Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival
07.06.2022 15th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
07.04.2022 Festival Universitaire du Film Underground
01.04.2022 Tokyo International Short Film Festival
04.03.2022 Festival di cortometraggi di Roma


2022 HONORABLE MENTION @ 43. Europäisches Filmfestival Göttingen
2022 BEST EXPERIMENTAL @ MegaFlix Film Awards (Gold Award)
2022 JURY AWARD @ 23. Dresdner Schmalfilmtage
2022 HONORABLE MENTION @ Festival del cinema di Cefalù
2022 BEST EXPERIMENTAL @ Festival di cortometraggi di Roma
2022 HONORABLE MENTION @ Tokyo International Short Film Festival


23. Dresdener Schmalfilmtage (JURY AWARD), 09.07.2022: “It is a film that grounds us in reality but then transcends the viewer into a mystic universe where music and image collide and space and time merge.”

Stefano Coccia, Indiecinema Film Festival, 13.02.2023: “INTO THE REALM OF THE NIGHT strucked us for its extraordinary formal care, for the nocturnal charm in which darkness and light weave surprising geometries, for how the music itself blends with this score.”

Stefan Jung, 25.01.2022: “Atmospheric, dark and majestic. The viewer delves deep into this wonderful cinematic night.”