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Film by Patrick Müller based on a poem by Emily Brontë

EN: Spellbound: In Emily Brontë's world, a young woman is under a spell of blind forces of compulsion acting to draw her towards an unnamed darkness from which she cannot escape.

DE: Gebannt: In Emily Brontës Welt befindet sich eine junge Frau im Bann blinder Zwangskräfte, die sie in eine unbenannte Dunkelheit ziehen, aus der sie nicht entrinnen kann.

EN: Envoûtée: Dans le monde d'Emily Brontë, une jeune femme est sous le charme de forces aveugles de compulsion agissant pour l'attirer vers une obscurité sans nom dont elle ne peut s'échapper.

Germany, 2021, 5min, 16mm
Narration: Sarah Kempton
German Translation: Marco Kerler
Music: WellenVorm
Camera: Bolex H16 REX2
Film stock: KODAK Vision3 500T 7219
6.5K Transfer: Ochoypico
Shot on location in Frankenberg, Saxony, Germany.



Digital film file (HD), 4K DCP (English, German, French subtitles), 16mm optical print (55m) without or with German subtitles


Shot on 16mm film during the pandemic lockdown in an unusual dark and freezing cold winter of 2021, I used an old Bolex camera from 1963 for my poetry film. Chemnitz-based musician Wellenvorm created an unique original music for it using only one instrument: an EMS Synthi A Portabella.


02.11.2022 Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz
10.04.2022 Peripheries Experimental Film & Video Festival
09.04.2022 3rd Caligari – Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror
21.04.2022 FISURA, Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental
24.03.2022 Ribalta Experimental Film Festival
21.12.2021 13th Festival Angælica
10.12.2021 13th Shockfest Film Festival
03.12.2021 39e Festival Tous Courts
21.11.2021 Nature and Culture Poetry Film Festival
29.10.2021 Engauge Experimental Film Festival
02.10.2021 19ème Festival international Signes de Nuit
21.09.2021 19. Filmfestival Münster
08.09.2021 6th Newark International Film Festival
13.05.2021 14th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
01.05.2021 Kalakari Film Fest, Dewas, India


2022 BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT @ Caligari – Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror
2021 BEST HORROR SHORT @ 14th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival


Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival in Copenhagen, introduces Patrick Müller, director of award-winning film Spellbound, a melancholic and hypnotic combination of visual imagery and poetry. In: Red Transmissions Podcast. 30 min. 08.11.2021

Robert Sigl, 06.09.2021: Entrancing film!